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    Terms of reservation and cancellation in apartment and hotel accommodation

    Thank you for your reservation. Welcome to enjoy your time in Vuokatti! To make your stay a successful one in all aspects, please study our terms of reservation and cancellation below.

    1. Oy Vuokatin Katinkulma Ltd / Vuokatin Aateli applies the terms below to ordering, reserving and cancelling accommodation services. Vuokatin Aateli is entitled to use special terms and conditions different from those stated here if such use is justified due to public holidays, special events hosted at the hotel, seasonal variation or additional services related to the accommodation, or if the price-specific terms and conditions do not specify otherwise. These terms are binding on both parties once the customer has paid the advance payment mentioned in these terms, or the complete rental payment.

    2. Advance payment and final payment are to be paid by the due dates noted on the invoice. The final payment is to be paid four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the accommodation. In last minute reservations (less than 28 days to the beginning of the accommodation) all payments are due immediately. Should the customer be forced to cancel their reservation, THEY MUST IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY OY VUOKATIN KATINKULMA LTD OF THE CANCELLATION, by e-mail, mail or telephone. Leaving the advance of final payment unpaid does not mean cancellation, and does not exempt the customer from these terms of cancellation. A reservation can be cancelled without cost before the due date of the advance payment.

    3. Should the customer cancel their reservation 28 days prior to the beginning of stay at the minimum, the payment made will be returned less cancellation expense EUR 50 + EUR 18 service charge. Should the cancellation take place later, complete rental payment will be charged. However, should the holiday apartment or the hotel room be re-rented for the same period of time, the rental payment will be refunded as above.

    In the case of cancellation taking place later than 28 days prior to the beginning of stay due to a serious illness or death of the customer or a person living in the same household with the customer, the rental payment – 10% and service charge of EUR 18 will be refunded. Medical certificate will need to be delivered to Oy Vuokatin Katinkulma Ltd. Should the cancellation take place later than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the reservation dates or during the reservation dates, any payment made by the customer will not be refunded. In any case we strongly recommend our customers obtain travel insurance.

    In the event of force majeure Oy Vuokatin Katinkulma Ltd has the right to cancel the reservation. In this case the customer will be fully refunded.

    4. The reservation is considered confirmed when the customer has paid the advance payment (30% of the full rental payment) by the due date. Should the reservation be made later than five (5) weeks prior to the beginning of stay, no advance payment will be charged separately.

    5. The customer making the reservation needs to be over 18 years old. Minors accommodating without their guardian will need to send a letter of commitment from their guardian to Oy Vuokatin Katinkulma Ltd prior to beginning of stay.

    6. Hotel Aateli check-in is at 3 pm on the day of arrival and check-out is at 12 noon on day of departure. In apartments check-in is at 4 pm, check-out is at 12 noon. In Aatelin Linna (Aateli Castle) –apartments check-in is at 6 pm and check-out at 2 pm. In Villa Keisari check-in is at 6 pm and check-out at 12 noon.

    7. As a customer, you are responsible for any damage that you, your guest or your pet intentionally or negligently cause (e.g. by smoking in the room) to the hotel room or other hotel premises, hotel furniture or other equipment, or to other hotel customers or their property. Liability for damage is determined in accordance with general damage liability principles.

    8. The customer is liable for any damages they cause to the premises and property. The customer is responsible for cleaning up the apartment during and after stay. Final cleaning is included in the rental price of Vuokatin Aateli apartments (if the condition of apartment should require cleaning more thorough than normal, the customer is liable for the extra cost). For an additional cost the customer can order cleaning during the holiday.

    Also linen will be delivered on order or the customers can bring their own bed linen. Bedlinen as well as pillowcases have to be used in the beds. If bedlinen are not used, Oy Vuokatin Katinkulma Ltd. will have the blankets, pillows and mattresses washed on the expense of the customer. Bed linen are always included in the hotel room purchase. Customer is responsible for lost keys of the holiday apartment. Customer is charged for replacing locks and keys (about 380 €).

    9. PETS ARE FORBIDDEN in the hotel and some of the holiday apartments. The customer will need to check whether this rule applies to their rental apartment. Should the customer, despite the rule, bring a pet to the apartment, they are liable to pay allergy cleaning costs.

    Pets are allowed in some apartments for a pet fee (EUR 40). Should the customer fail to inform of the pet beforehand, the pet fee will be charged threefold in arrear.

    10. The number of people using the premises is not to exceed the number agreed on beforehand. For example, celebrations and other occasions where the number of people staying in a facility is temporarily exceeded, must be announced and agreed in advance. Use of a hot tub, a caravan or a tent on the property without a permission is forbidden. These cases must be agreed on in advance and may cause some extra charges. Extra beds and baby cots are only available on request and Vuokatti Aatel must ensure their availability.

    11. All comments and complaints concerning the equipment and condition of the accommodation need to be directed to the maintenance of the owner immediately. Complaints made afterwards will not be taken into account.

    12. The customer commits to study the instructions book in the apartment/hotel room and follow its directions. Actions against the instructions cause danger to the premises and liability for damages to the customer.

    13. Any items left in apartments are kept for fourteen days. When requested, the property will be sent cash on delivery: the customer pays for all dispatch costs as well as service fee of EUR 20.



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