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  • Karl of Aateli Castle is an end apartment with 79 square-metres and accommodation for 6 persons.

    Karl has three bedrooms in total, of which one is a third-floor romantic tower bedroom with double bed. The second floor holds a bedroom with single beds (90 cm wide), as well as a bedroom with a double bed and balcony.

    The apartment has a kitchen, living room, sauna, two toilets, a glazed-in terrace and a balcony, as well as clothes drying / utility / storage room. The second floor bathroom with its flat-screen TV and luxurious jacuzzi fulfills your dream of perfect bathing enjoyment.

    The full amenities naturally include broad band connection, forced ventilation and cooling necessary in the heat of summer. Also, the apartments share a ski maintenance room.

    Bedlinen for 6 persons are included in the price.

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  • Heat-storing fireplace, firewood
  • High-speed wireless broadband ( Wi-Fi )
  • Automatic forced ventilation, cooling
  • Jacuzzi + TV set in bathroom
  • LED and fibre optics lighting ("starry sky") in sauna, bathroom and jacuzzi area, as well as the tower bedroom
  • Hydronic floor heating, separate electric heating on the floors of the rooms exposed to humidity
  • Home Security System (fire, burglary, heat, humidity, air conditioning, water flow and security camera surveillance)
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Ceramic hob/oven
  • 2 Drying cabinets
  • Microwave oven, coffeemaker
  • Iron, hair dryer
  • Electric water kettle, toaster, electric mixer
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Data communication connections (broad band), WLAN
  • Car-heating plugs
  • 4 Wide screen TV sets (20" - 32/40")
  • Child equipment (crib, high chair, potty, child gates)
  • DVD-player
  • Mattress firmness of the 2nd floor double bed can be chosen: medium or hard
  • CD-player/radio in sauna/bathroom + separate CD-player/radio
  • Single beds 90 cm wide
  • Outdoor grill
  • Bed clothes, bedlinen
  • Glazed-in terrace and balcony
  • AV equipment on order (overhead projector + wide screen, video projector etc.)
  • Warm ski maintenance room (efficient wax fume suction system, waxing table)
  • Clothes drying / utility / storage room
  • The Aateli Castle has 24-hour janitor service
  • Aatelin linna cross-section image

    Aatelin linna cross-section image


    People of Viena Karelia and the North were beginning to be ready for peace. As Russian's own situation was as disorderly as the dispute in the royal house in Stockholm, the empires agreed on a new borderline in the village of Teusina in 1595. This clarified the position of Vuokatti castle that had stood by the unofficial borderline. It was now truly a part of the Kingdom of Sweden. The borderline was now over ten leagues east of the castle.

    The next ten years the castle of Vuokatti saw times of peace and building works. In the west the peasants had wrangled with nobility, but Vuokatti castle people stayed away from this unfortunate war that had fellow countrymen fighting each other. In Sweden the power had moved from Sigismund's family to Duke Charles, the son of Gustav Vasa and Margaret. Henrik Jaakko's son, as the lord of the castle, sent a letter to the new King asking for directions.

    Crowned King, Charles IX did not leave Finland's frontier on its own. He strengthened the defence of the north by giving orders to build a castle in Kajaani, and to fortify the castle of Oulu. He sent two young noblemen to the castle of Vuokatti to apprentice to cavalrymen. The north and the Arctic Ocean interested the King, but he ordered the main troops of his army to hit in the Baltic. The war in the south was not going well, but an army sent to Russia succeeded. Charles IX offered military power to Vasili Suiski, who was aiming to be the Tsar. In return the King would have the town of Kexholm in Russia. The King's troops were lead by a young Jacob De la Gardie, the 25-year-old son of the former commander-in-chief Pontus De la Gardie. Jacob's troops marched to Moscow in the spring of 1610. The next year the Swedish flag rose above Novgorod.

    Also the Viena Karelia fortresses were hit against by thousand men, but the military expedition was seized by the early spring. The Karelians, in turn, made an expedition to Lake Oulujärvi area and without permission taxed the Crown subjects. Vuokatti castle garrison attacked the Viena Karelians and in the close combat Henrik Jaakko's son got a lethal wound and died. Young Eric Stolte, sent to the castle by the King, took command and retreated with his men to the safety of the castle. Despite the dense fire Stolte carried Henrik's body into the castle. Henrik was buried in consecrated ground in a nearby village.

    Aatelin Linna


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