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  • Apartment Margareeta of Aateli Castle with its 71 square-meters accommodates 4 persons.

    Margareeta has two opulent bedrooms: one with 90 centimetre-wide single beds, the other with a romantic poster bed and spacious balcony. The heat-storing fireplace and high-rising open space in the living room, together with tall windows create a lofty, majestic atmosphere.

    The apartment has a kitchen, living room, sauna, two toilets, glazed-in terrace and balcony, as well as clothes drying / utility / storage room. The second floor bathroom with its flat-screen TV and luxurious jacuzzi fulfills your dream of perfect bathing enjoyment.

    The full amenities naturally include broadband connection, forced ventilation and cooling necessary in the heat of summer. Also, the apartments share a ski maintenance room.

    Bedlinen for 6 persons are included in the price.

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  • Heat-storing fireplace, firewood
  • High-speed wireless broadband ( Wi-Fi )
  • Automatic forced ventilation, cooling
  • Jacuzzi + TV set in bathroom
  • LED and fibre optics lighting ("starry sky") in sauna, bathroom and jacuzzi area, as well as the tower bedroom
  • Hydronic floor heating, separate electric heating on the floors of the rooms exposed to humidity
  • Home Security System (fire, burglary, heat, humidity, air conditioning, water flow and security camera surveillance)
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Ceramic hob/oven
  • 2 Drying cabinets
  • Microwave oven, coffeemaker
  • Iron, hair dryer
  • Electric water kettle, toaster, electric mixer
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Data communication connections (broadband), WLAN
  • Car-heating plugs
  • 4 Wide screen TV sets (20" - 32/40")
  • Child equipment (crib, high chair, potty, child gates)
  • DVD-player
  • Mattress firmness of the 2nd floor double bed can be chosen: medium or hard
  • CD-player/radio in sauna/bathroom + separate CD-player/radio
  • Single beds 90 cm wide
  • Outdoor grill
  • Bed clothes, bedlinen
  • Glazed-in terrace and balcony
  • AV equipment on order (overhead projector + wide screen, video projector etc.)
  • Warm ski maintenance room (efficient wax fume suction system, waxing table)
  • Clothes drying / utility / storage room
  • The Aateli Castle has 24-hour janitor service
  • Aatelin linna cross-section image

    Aatelin linna cross-section image


    The second wife of King Gustav I of Sweden (born in January 1516, died in August 26 1551).

    Margaret gave birth to ten children, of which two died early in their childhood. Margaret can be considered as the ancestress of many a European royal family. Of her sons, John III and Charles IX were crowned kings of Sweden.Many of her descendants married into European royal families.

    As her husband Gustav I, also Margaret lost her father in the Stockholm bloodbath. Unlike her husband, Margaret kept her Catholic faith.

    Margaret was intelligent, fragile and beautiful. She caught seriously ill on a boat trip and died in the age of 35. The king took Margaret's death very harshly. According to contemporaries Gustav I completely lost his smile after his wife's death.

    "Her face is unbelievably beautiful, although maybe pale and thin. Her hair is long and blond, her eyes blue and gentle but stable, her nose high and well-formed, her mouth delicate. Divinity and comprehension, sweetness and majesty shine from her eyes, speech and her whole being. Undoubtedly everyone to see beautiful Margaret will feel loyalty and love towards her."

    Contemporary description of Margaret

    Aatelin Linna


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